Review: Los Angeles Comic Con 2022!

Another year, another Los Angeles Comic Con! And this time there were hobbits (Elijah Wood & Sean Astin), amazing vendors, amazing cosplay, and the amazing William Shatner! Typing that name made me think of the old SNL Star Trek convention skit. But anyway, L.A. Comic Con is one of my favorite conventions to frequent….and me being a huge horror fan, I can even have my ‘horror bone’ tickled when I go! Apologies if you have a fear of eyeballs….

Besides randomly seeing Billy Zane, one of my favorite pastimes of going to L.A. Comic Con is gawking at all of the wonderfully ingenious costumes and cosplay. Especially since I would fail terribly if I ever tried to put together a costume on my own. This year was no exception (the cosplay at the convention, not me being costume constructing challenged), as there were some amazing visuals and also some visuals that might give you nightmares (see below).

All in all….L.A. Comic Con brought together a lot of genres, styles, people, fun, William Shatners, and more! It’s already been announced that next year in 2023 it will be back December 1-3, so feel free to go HERE for all of the latest updates leading up to then. And maybe I’ll actually give some cosplay a go so I can possibly give people some nightmares. Anything I can do to help……