C’Mon Everybody, Let’s Do The ‘Creepshow Dance’!

When I say the phrase ‘Creepshow Dance‘, the first thing that might pop into your mind is the amazing disco dance from Ed Harris in the 1982 movie to the tune of ‘Don’t Let Go’:

I could watch that for days.  And it’s a good thing that Ed Harris’ character had some fun and let loose before getting his head smashed in by a gravestone later after this scene.  But anyway – one of the reasons that I love the internet (besides being able to Google my own name) is that I can discover things. And discovering things can be pretty fun!  Especially when you can discover a French 1983 disco song called ‘Creepshow Dance‘ by a group called Le Spectre that apparently was either inspired or based on the 1982 horror anthology classic.

I’m usually good with my internet searching skills, but I couldn’t really find anything on this song and/or the correlation between it and Creepshow.  The artwork is obviously taken from the movie, but I’m unsure if it directly ties into it. All I know is that it’s pretty funky and I also know that I can’t understand a goddamn thing that the singer is saying because I don’t speak French. Nevertheless, it’s now my duty to own this gem on 7″ vinyl and will be purchasing from Discogs soon.  Thank you, internet!