Anticipation Alert: Puppet Master – The Littlest Reich (2018)

Oh, Puppet Master franchise……how I love and loathe you all at the same time.  I can remember renting the first in your series in 1989 from my local Mom & Pop video store.  It was a devious and delicious surprise that introduced me to some of my now favorite tiny little terrors:  Blade, Pinhead, and Tunneler to name a few.  And I kind of developed a crush on Leech Woman.  Don’t judge.  But anyway, for me – the franchise took a steep nosedive when the sequels starting getting lazily churned out by Full Moon Features.  A few new snazzy puppets were introduced along the way (Torch, Six-Shooter) – but overall the sequels were consistently a snoozefest.  But now…..could the Puppet Master franchise be reborn??

Enter into the ring, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich!!  I will admit – when I first heard about this new sequel, I lazily rolled my eyes.  Then I saw that S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk, Brawl In Cell Block 99) wrote it, and my interest began to sway the other way.  Early word started to roll in that this movie pushed the boundaries as far as gore and ‘tastefulness’, not just in regards to the Puppet Master franchise – but for horror movies in general.  And because of that, my interest started swaying even more!  Then……the ‘red band’ trailer just recently dropped.  Check it out below, now!

Sold.  Sold.  Sold.  I’m so sold, that I’ll be going to the LA premiere on August 14th – so stay tuned for my review.  I can pretty much already tell this is in my wheelhouse.  Gore, gore, gore?  Check.  Things I probably shouldn’t be laughing at that could send me to hell?  Check.  Thomas Lennon is in this for some reason?  Check.  For those who can’t go to the LA premiere, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich will be hitting select theaters and VOD on August 17th.  Killer puppet lovers of the world unite!!!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Leech Woman Bed Kill’ From Puppet Master (1989)

Who’s ready for a sexy leech vomiting puppet?!  Yes, coming to the Sunday Bloody Sunday stage fellas, straight from 1989’s straight-to-video classic Puppet Master, please welcome…..Leech Woman!  Yep, this week, I’m putting a much deserved spotlight on one of my favorite 1980’s horror movie kills ever. Puppet Master boasts a lot of originality and definitely was groundbreaking for it’s time, as it became an instant cult classic without being put into theaters and developed a huge buzz just from it’s straight-to-video release.  The stars of the low-budget awesomeness of course are the puppets, and Leech Woman steals the show with her sexy leech hurling kill.

Poor psychic Frank Forrester is blindfolded and teased by his girlfriend Carissa, but she doesn’t finish him off because she ends up getting a drill in the head courtesy of another killer puppet, Tunneler.  Frank is clueless though and thinks that Leech Woman is Carissa, as her leeches that are pouring out of her mouth feel like a sexy tongue to him.  Who can blame him?  Bottom line: it doesn’t end well for Frank and to add insult to injury (or death in this case), he dies with blue balls.  Most likely the only time you’ll feel slightly turned on by a miniature puppet who vomits leeches:

*quick – someone hold her hair back*


*puppet purging is a very serious problem*