Dirty Horror Spotlight: Slipknot

Maggots.  They’re gross.  They’re disgusting.  And Geena Davis gave birth to one in a dream sequence from David Cronenberg’s version of The Fly.  But aside from that, the term “maggot” was never quite looked at as endearing. That was until the metal band that you love to hate, Slipknot, came out and bandmate/percussionist Clown pronounced that their fans be called the baby flies.  The point is that you most likely equate maggots with death and horror. And Slipknot is definitely deeply rooted in horror.  Which is why I’m giving them the spotlight, because aside from their music (which can be horror based as well), I have to commend and applaud anyone who has the opportunity to bring horror in any form to the mainstream masses.   Continue reading