This ‘Lost After Dark’ Poster Might Be The Best I’ve Seen In A While……

Being that I’m a child of 80’s horror, anytime a new movie comes out that pays homage to that era, I get a bit giddy.  Such is the case when I saw the poster for the upcoming Canadian slasher called Lost After Dark.


Great poster and it definitely oozes (I love that word by the way) that 80’s horror vibe.  The movie itself, based on the synopsis, seems to be a pretty straight forward slasher affair with a bunch of kids on the run from a band of hillbilly/cannibals that most likely have bad teeth and body odor.  Oh – and it stars Robert Patrick!  Look for Lost After Dark (written and directed by Ian Kessner) to hit Blu-ray and DVD on September 1st and to wet your appetite a little more, click on the trailer below and be transported back to the glory days of 80’s horror!