Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Rosie Pukes Up Intestines’ From ‘City Of The Living Dead’ (1980)

So I’m sitting here eating my delicious breakfast and my mind wanders to an intestinal puking scene from an Italian horror film.  A bit fucked up?  Yeah, probably.  But it’s always a good time for an intestinal puking scene!

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday and if you yourself are eating breakfast, you may want to stop before you watch the clip.  Lucio Fulci’s City Of The Living Dead (aka The Gates Of Hell) has a pretty great soundtrack and more than enough WTF moments in the actual movie as well.  Solid viewing for me all around and when the infamous ‘intestine scene’ happens, it’s even more remarkable knowing that Fulci actually had actress Daniela Doria swallow and then vomit up actual sheep entrails in the scene.  Watch carefully below, and don’t stare into the priest’s eyes too long or you may have your very own intestinal accident.

Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

The housing market is booming right now, and it’s the perfect time to buy!  Just be careful if you come across an old house that used to be a funeral home and awakens every 30 years or so to murder whatever family is living in it.  Hey, it can happen.  And happen it does in the new independent haunted house offering, We Are Still Here.   Continue reading

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Tarantula Attack’ From ‘The Beyond’ (1981)

Is there a worse death more imaginable than having a herd of blood-thirsty tarantulas slowly…..and I mean VERY slowly…..tear you apart as you lay there paralyzed after falling off of a ladder?  Hardly not.  Unless of course we’re talking about being strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Taylor Swift until your eardrums explode and blood pours out of your head like a leaky faucet.

On that lovely note, welcome to this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday – where I’m spotlighting tarantulas.  More specifically, the incredibly slow moving tarantulas from Lucio Fulci’s classic Italian 1981 splatterfest, The Beyond.  Poor Martin falls from a ladder and is rendered immobile.  In come the fantastically awesome real (and fake) tarantulas to rip him to shreds.  Grab some popcorn and sit down for a while, because this unintentionally hilarious (but awesome) scene runs 4 minutes long.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Intestinal Puking’ From ‘City Of The Living Dead’ (1980)

I’m sure a handful of you out there are dealing with a nasty hangover and are a little sick from a wild weekend of booze-filled partying.  But hopefully, none of you are vomiting up your intestines after being possessed by a creepy priest who likes to play a wicked version of a staring contest.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and if you’ve haven’t guessed yet, I’m spotlighting the infamous ‘intestinal puking’ scene from Italian horror legend Lucio Fulci’s 1980 gorefest, City Of The Living Dead.  If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what you’re in for.  If you haven’t seen it and have just finished eating, I’d advise you to wait about 45 minutes – kind of like if you were about to go swimming.  Fun fact before and after you watch the clip:  Actress Daniela Doria, who plays Rosie Kelvin, actually vomited sheep entrails during the filming of this scene.  Enjoy!