Sunday Bloody Sunday: Death Scenes From ‘Madman’ (1982)

It can’t be argued too much that Madman Marz is the red-headed stepchild horror villain from 80’s slasher movies.  Some of you may be reading this and not even know who Madman Marz is.  For shame!  Because in my opinion, the 1982 extra cheesy slasher film Madman defined what 80’s horror movies were all about back then, and deserves more recognition.

So, on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday I’m giving it some of that recognition!  Oh, I could go on and on about the amazingly bad hot tub scene that’s in the movie (of which you can see HERE), but I would much rather focus on the death scenes.  Did I also mention that Madman has some of the BEST sound effects and music ever?  Gaze upon the carnage below to hear for yourself, and look out for my favorite at #9 in the clip.  How the Academy overlooked her performance at the Oscars that year is a travesty.

Gonna Make You Sweat: The Hot Tub Scene In ‘Madman’ (1982)

Thanks to David Anthony over at, I got the opportunity to do a post for them since I love the old school/cult/cheesy horror movies and that’s what they happen to specialize in!  It’s a great site and definitely brings out the fun when it comes to what made all of these b-movies fun to begin with.  Check out the post I did HERE about the infamous hot tub scene in the 1982 laughable, but very enjoyable slasher film, Madman, and stay tuned for more contributions from me to Couch Cutter!