Fake Trading Cards From ‘The Shining’ Are Too Good To Be True!

Well, thanks to the blog Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide, I got a serious case of the horror blue balls this morning when I saw these “fake” trading cards from the 1980 Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining.  Hats off to them though, because what they created here are trading cards that are so authentic looking that they would definitely have you reaching into your overstuffed wallet if you saw these laying around at a convention somewhere. Be forewarned though that one of the cards is NSFW and gives you a shot of the creepy old naked lady in the bathtub from the movie.  Didn’t need to see that before I ate my breakfast, so thanks for that.  Check them out below and go track down an old, stale piece of that trading card stick bubble gum while you’re at it: