Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Maniac’ Shotgun Head Blow

Since I have Maniac on my mind, I figured I’d keep it in the family for this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday edition.  Now, if you’ve seen the original 1980 Maniac, then you know that Tom Savini sports some of his best stuff here, even though it was early on in his career.  But what makes his work in Maniac so special is that he actually had the opportunity to kill himself!  Yep, our movie psycho Frank (Joe Spinell) gives Tom Savini (who has a short acting role here), a big ol’ shotgun blast to the noggin and Tom had to concoct his own exploding practical efx head!  If you’ve never seen it, then Youtube it.  But that’s not what we do here at Sunday Bloody Sunday.  You just get a pic like they used to do in the good old days, so enjoy!

*you need a new car like you need a hole in the head….oops*