Holiday Horror Gift Guide: Pull-String Talking Freddy Krueger Doll

If you’re scratching your head for what to get that special horror loving person in your life for the holidays, then why not stop scratching because you might make your scalp bleed.  Speaking of bleeding, why not go all retro on them and shove this 18″ pull-string, talking Freddy Krueger doll under their tree!

That’s right.  Matchbox released this cuddly toy back in 1989, when Freddy’s business was booming.  And the good news is that you can still find one if you search on Amazon or Ebay (for about $80), along with some of the other Nightmare On Elm Street merchandise ridiculousness such as – the Freddy dress-up action figure, the shitty Nintendo video game, and of course the collector’s item everyone wants:  the Freddy yo-yo.

But let’s get back to the talking doll for a minute.  It’s just as terrifying as the real Freddy, except he kind of looks like a muppet.  He does say some terrifying things though when you pull his string, such as:  “Let’s Be Friends!” Truly horrifying.  I’m ripping on the doll, but truth be told, I’d be a happy camper if I woke up and found this guy under my tree.  So, do that horror fan in your life a big favor and track down one of these Freddy dolls and make their holidays all the more merrier!  If you’re on a budget though and want to get them something just as frightening, you can never go wrong with the MC Hammer doll.

*the gift that keeps on going bankrupt*