Review: The Lords Of Salem (2013)

Writing a review for The Lords Of Salem is unlike any movie that I’ve reviewed before.  Because not only do I have my perspective on how I felt about what was going on up on the big screen, but I also felt I gained Rob Zombie’s perspective after the screening that I attended thanks to a Q&A with him and his wife (and lead actress in the movie), Sheri Moon Zombie.

Not apologetically, I can say that I liked House Of 1000 Corpses for the craziness that it was and I honestly loved the sequel, The Devil’s Rejects and felt it nailed the dirty retro vibe it was going for.  We’ll just forget about the Halloween movies for now though and move along to the present.  Basically, I was excited about The Lords Of Salem because it was giving Mr. Zombie a chance to give us something original again, and who doesn’t love a good horror movie about witches?  My expectations going in weren’t super high, but they were up there, and when I walked out of the theater, I think I exhaled about 4 times because I literally was deflated by what I had just watched.  And needless to say, that’s a big problem.   Continue reading