Dirty Horror Presents: This Will Give You Nightmares……

Few things in the world today make me feel uneasy when I watch them. Jennifer Lopez romantic comedies are one, and another would probably be Memory Hole.  What’s Memory Hole, you ask?  Take a look:

Yeaaaaaaah – fuck those VHS anthology horror movies.  Just string about 50 of these things together and you’ll have something far creepier than anything you’ll find there.  As far as I can tell, Memory Hole consists of one or more people who find old VHS footage (or possible create their own) and put it out for the masses to view and freak out over.

I seriously feel like I’m watching a snuff film or something when I watch some of their clips, and because of that I feel the need to run to take a shower after my viewing experience.  It’s ok though, because I’m probably a bit stinky anyway.  Enough about my bad hygiene, go check out the Memory Hole site HERE and watch one more clip below.  Bad news if you have a fear of chinless dancers.  You’ve been warned…….