Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Television Scene’ From ‘Henry – Portrait Of A Serial Killer’ (1986)

Some movies make you want to take a shower right after you see them. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer is one of those movies.  I could go on and on about the brilliance of this movie, but I’m focusing on one particular scene for this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

The Television Scene.

Oh sure, it starts innocently with Henry (Michael Rooker) and Otis (Tom Towles) just meeting a shady television dealer in a shady storage unit.  But as you just saw from the clip, that television dealer ends up getting shanked and electrocuted with a TV smashed on top of his head.  Overreact much Henry and Otis?  Ahhh – but it’s just a great scene and when Henry is asked if he has shit in his ears, you know it’s about to get ugly.  Love the tension that ramps up, love the music stings and underscore, and I just overall LOVE this movie.

*Spoiler Alert!*