A Message To Andrea From ‘The Walking Dead’:

Please.  Please just go away.  Nobody likes you and that confused look you have on your face all of the time borders on possible constipation or just pure stupidity.  We get it.  You like to shoot guns and have sex.  But you’re annoying and I have more invested in a dead T-Dogg than I do in you right now.

*don’t strain yourself sweetheart*

I don’t care if you kill The Governor.  I don’t care if you make up with Michonne and stroll through a dewey meadow singing an Indigo Girls song.  Every time you show up on screen, I either groan or go to the bathroom.  Ironic?  Maybe. But, perhaps I’m being too harsh.  Perhaps I should be focusing more on the fact that ghost Lori is now hopefully gone.   Or, perhaps you are truly that irritating and deserve all of the hate you’re getting in this post.  What say you Daryl?