Dirty Horror Memory Lane: Count Creepyhead Play-Doh Set (1984)

My Mom didn’t like me playing with Play-Doh when I was a kid because I would always try and eat it.  Sure, it looked appetizing due to the different colors and interesting texture, but apparently it’s not good for your digestive system.  Much to her chagrin though, in 1984 I was already getting into my horror phase and Play-Doh must have known, because they released the awesome Count Creepyhead & Friends Play-Doh Playset.


Oh I had hours and hours of fun with this playset, until the next distracting toy for an 8-year-old came out and Count Creepyhead got tossed into the closet with He-Man.  You have to love the fact that especially in the 80’s, the horror toy business was booming and it was more than refreshing to see Play-Doh jump on board. Writing about this pulled at my nostalgic toy heartstrings and made me search Ebay to see if any of these babies were for sale.  Sadly, all you can buy that’s associated with Count Creepyhead is a purple scraping axe that came with the original package.  No offense to the purple scraping axe, but that alone just doesn’t satisfy my craving.  So until Count Creepyhead pops up on Ebay…..I shall wait.  And while I wait, I can just watch this commercial to get my fix and see how much fun the kids are having in it.

Dirty Horror Memory Lane: Madballs (1980’s)

I think I can speak for most guys who are into horror and say that it wasn’t uncommon to get caught playing with your balls when you were younger.  What I meant to say was that it wasn’t uncommon to get caught playing with your Madballs when you were younger.  There – that sounds much better.  Yes, Madballs!  The gross-out 80’s foam ball toy that had a variety of names like Screamin Meemie, Slobulus, and of course Crack Head.

Catchy little jingle in that commercial.  Madballs were all the rage for about a year or two and actually made a comeback in 2007.  They even spawned comic books, video games, and their very own cartoon.  I have fond memories of taking my Madballs to church with me, which might be sacrilegious to some and awesome to others.  I even still have my original Screamin Meemie on the premises and he’s resting comfortably in my closet as we speak.

Madballs were so popular in the 80’s, they even had their own crappy knock-offs that to this day earn more money than the originals on Ebay auctions.  That’s right – if you find a Blurp Ball, Weird Ball, or Wacki Ball at the flea market, make sure you pick it up because it could net you some sweet cash if you do.  The bottom line is that Madballs were about as 80’s as 80’s toys could get.  And they added a horror element as well, which made them a necessity for me.  I tried to pass my collection down a generation to my nephews, but they were scared shitless of them.  Pshhh.  Kids nowadays.


How The Hell Did I Miss This? Night Of The Creeps Packaged Toy!

*Slaps forehead*

Sometimes I see something that makes my eyes bulge out of my head.  It can be something as simple as gigantic breasts.  Or it can be something a little more obscure like a replica in toy form of a ‘Creep’ from one of my favorite horror movies of all time:  Night Of The Creeps.  I came across this site called Retroband and they have amazingly created a packaged toy based on the infamous ‘Creep’ from the 1986 horror/comedy.

Drool.  This company looks like it’s mission is to create one of a kind toys for the hardest of hardcore horror fans out there.  And for that, I’m eternally grateful.  Not only have they shown Night Of The Creeps some love, but Creepshow has gotten the bloody red carpet treatment as well!  You can check out their full product line-up HERE, but I’m sorry to say that a lot of the toys are already sold out.  You can still pick up the Night Of The Creeps “Thrill Me Edition” toy for $45 though or some Creepshow “Killer Roaches” for a mere $25.  I love seeing dedication like this and what makes Retroband even cooler, is that these pieces are extremely limited and no two are the same.

Looking forward to see what Retroband has up their sleeve next.  And can we talk about the old school cardback packaging?  Only enhances the nostalgic feel that these toys bring.  So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for that perfect horror fiend in your life, you’ve hit the jackpot here!  Hint Hint.