Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Helen’s Death’ From ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ (1968)

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in on your child eating her father’s arm.  Yeah, that’s pretty much as uncomfortable as it gets.  And unfortunately for Helen in George Romero’s undisputed classic zombie movie Night Of The Living Dead, that’s exactly what happened.

So, on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday I’m revisiting that classic cellar scene when Helen came face to face with her zombie daughter, Karen.  You see, Karen was quite under the weather because she had gotten bit by a zombie.  Which is kind of ironic, because when she became one of the walking dead herself, she got a little bitey as well.  Oh – and she also got a little stabby too as evident in the clip below when she decided to show off her gardening tool skills for her Mom.

Horror Movie Posters I Love: Halloween II (1981)

Sticking with the Halloween season theme for obvious reasons, the first movie to make it into my Horror Movie Posters I Love feature is none other than Halloween II. Coming out three years after the original John Carpenter classic, this was the first horror movie poster I ever saw when I was a child and it scared the sh*t out of me. The simple meshing of the pumpkin and skull continued that creepy, evil feel from the 1978 movie and immediately gave high hopes to moviegoers that those involved wouldn’t screw up the sequel. More on that in a minute, but here’s the original poster for Halloween II below:

Creepy ass poster, but a terrible tagline.  Wow – I didn’t ever realize how lazy that was. “More Of The Night He Came Home”?  Oh well, we’re focusing on posters here, not taglines.  Without going into a full on review of the actual movie though, I will say that I loved a lot of what Halloween II gave me.   Continue reading