Give Me The Creeps: ‘Billy’s Eye’ From ‘Black Christmas’ (1974)

You know who would really be the life of your holiday party this year?  Billy from 1974’s classic slasher, Black Christmas!  He would definitely have you covered if you needed the following:  some plastic bags for whatever reason, an obscene phone call that emphasizes the word ‘cunt’, and a creepy peeping eyeball.

Speaking of creepy – not many movies creep me out more than Bob Clark’s, Black Christmas.  A definite pioneer in the slasher genre, it manages to make your skin crawl just off of the opening sequence alone.  But the scene with Billy’s aforementioned creepy eye takes the creepy cake for sure.  So let’s all watch together as Jess (Olivia Hussey) runs frantically through the house and encounters Billy and his eerie peeping peeper.

Dirty Horror Presents: “Hello” From ‘Black Christmas’ (1974)

Forget about how 1974’s Black Christmas revolutionized the slasher genre. It’s all about how many times Olivia Hussey answers the phone in the movie and how she answers it, right?

Ahhh – that was fun, wasn’t it?  Why she feels the need to shout so much and act like she’s deaf is beyond me, but she definitely is one of the most memorable phone answerers in recent history.  Think of that as my awesomely random holiday gift to you this season and I bet you that when you watch Black Christmas this week, you’ll chuckle every time she picks up the phone. Merry Christmas!