On Second Thought: I Kinda Like ‘Halloween II’ More Than ‘Halloween’!

Calm down, calm down.  And please put the pitchforks away.  It you read the title of the post and are already shouting obscenities at the computer screen, allow me to piss you off some more so you can shout more of them at me.  Now look, I love John Carpenter’s original Halloween.  It was groundbreaking, creepy, had a great soundtrack, and introduced us to one of the most iconic horror villains ever in Michael Myers.  I can go on and on about the level of awesomeness that is and was Halloween.  But…….I have to be honest.  If I’m sitting at home on Halloween night, and I’m thinking of which Halloween movie I want to pop into the ol’ Blu-ray player……..I’m gonna go with Halloween II.


Perhaps it’s the fact that I can’t stop staring at Jamie Lee Curtis’ wig in the movie.  Or maybe it’s because I laugh every time drunk ass Ben Tramer gets hit by the ambulance. But there’s no denying that for me, Halloween II is much more entertaining than the first. It’s more of a straight up 80’s slasher movie, and I’m ok with that.  Michael Myers is way more brutal here as well – using scalpels, syringes, and hot tubs to dispose of his victims. Speaking of hot tubs…..oh my god, I just remembered why I love Halloween II so much!


Well obviously I was alluding to the infamous hot tub scene where we get to see Pamela Susan Shoop’s near perfect breasts (ahhh screw it, they are perfect) – but I wanted to class up this post and show a pic of her looking innocent in her nurse’s outfit.  And speaking of nurse’s outfits, that is another thing that I love about Halloween II:  The hospital setting.  I don’t know why, but I find it creepy to have a maniac running (or walking briskly) around a conveniently desolate hospital.  If the hospital food doesn’t kill you, Michael Myers will.  Zing!  But anyway, thank you for letting me gush about my love for Halloween II.  Hopefully this year when you have your Halloween franchise marathon, you’ll appreciate this sequel even more and also appreciate Pamela Susan Shoop’s luscious hooters.  Shout out to Al Bundy.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Jacuzzi Death’ From ‘Halloween II’ (1981)

Oooooh yeah.  Michael Myers is turning up the heat.  He likes it hot.  He likes it steamy.  Ok, I’m abandoning the sexy angle here.  Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and more importantly, the month of October where I’ll be bringing you my favorite death scenes from the Halloween franchise.

Up first, the literally “hot” scene that involves the breasts of a sexy nurse played by Pamela Susan Shoop.  Oh and some guy that she’s boning and Michael Myers are there too.  Be warned though before you watch the clip. You will see man ass.  Just didn’t want to startle you:

Yeah – gotta love how Michael just keeps dunking her head in the scalding hot water, then pulls her up occasionally to admire her melty face so he can check his progress.  He’s a perfectionist.  Reminds me of a cruel version of bobbing for apples.  I really love Halloween II and always dug the hospital setting, even though it seemed odd that it was so abandoned once nighttime hit.  Shrug.

*Sigh.  I wore the same trench coat again.*