Best Opening Credits Ever: American Horror Story – Asylum

I’ll admit that I have not watched the first season of FX’s venture into the world of horror, American Horror Story, and for that I am deeply ashamed.  But I did get on board with the new season and was instantly hooked, even though Adam Levine was one of the first faces I saw and I still hold him accountable for getting “Moves Like Jagger” stuck in my head whenever it is unknowingly inserted into my ears.  It wasn’t this singing competition judge that hooked me in at first though, it was the opening credits.  Haven’t seen them?  Then check them out below:

Creepy.  Creepy.  Creepy.  The music stings when the actor titles pop up, the Virgin Mary statue smiling at the end, the bleeding eye… takes a lot to creep me out, let alone just from opening credits to a TV show.  The good news is that the show so far has delivered on top of these opening credits.  Alien abductions, exorcisms and possessions, James Cromwell giving a new term to the female anatomy (mossy bank). I’m hooked and it is in large part due to the effective and nightmarish opening credits that have taken over the top spot for “best opening credits of all time”.  Apologies goes out to the 1:30 opening to Perfect Strangers Season 1.  You’ve been dethroned.

Hahaha – “America Or Burst”