Horror Holiday Gifts: Creepy Baby Doll Arm Soap

Forget about my two front teeth.  All I want for Christmas is some creepy baby doll arm soap!  Ahhh yes – the gift that keeps on giving to your stinky body. And also the gift that will make people you know be horrified and scared when they notice some creepy baby doll arm soap chilling in the soap dish in your bathroom.

Over at PerpetualKid.Com right now, you can stuff that lucky person’s stocking this holiday season with the one of a kind creepy baby doll arm soap. To make it slightly creepier, the soap scent is baby powder.  And for only $5.29, this baby doll arm soap can be yours!  Only it’s sold out right now 🙁   But keep an eye on the site and in the meantime, keep an eye on those people who you think would actually want this creepy ass gift.