The ‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer Heard Round The World!!!

I was having a pretty boring Thursday morning, just eating my oatmeal and preparing for another mundane workday.  And then… happened.  The new Pet Sematary trailer was unleashed upon us and we would never be the same!  Mostly because Gage doesn’t appear to die in this adaptation.  Oops….spoiler alert.  Just watch the trailer below because there are a lot of spoilers:

Ok, ok.  So it appears Ellie, the older sister, is the one to meet a demise by way of ‘speeding big rig’ and Gage seems safe and sound.  It’s hard to judge that big switch just from a 2 minute trailer, but yes – it is indeed a big switch.  In a way, I applaud it though and I will reserve my final judgment on how it all plays out until I’ve seen this new incarnation of Pet Sematary in full.  I mean, do we really want to see a ‘note for note’ remake here of the 1989 version?  Having said all of that, I do think overall it looks pretty slick and there looks to be just as many ‘give me the creeps’ moments as in the original.  All shall be revealed, along with gratuitous ankle slicings, on April 5th when the remake hits theaters nationwide!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Jud Crandall’s Scalpel Death’ From ‘Pet Sematary’ (1989)

Few moments evoke overwhelming emotional reaction like Jud Crandall’s death from 1989’s Pet Sematary.  In fact, even though it’s been almost 25 years since his onscreen passing, let’s pay respects with a moment of silence………………………………………………………………………………

Poor Jud Crandall was just trying to be helpful.  But I guess in reality, he really caused all the mess that happened during Pet Sematary since he was the one who told Louis about the pet burial ground in the first place.  Well wait a minute then.  Can we take that moment of silence back?  Yes, this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday we revisit Jud’s death by the tiny hand of that little shit Gage and his scalpel.  Cringeworthy is an accurate term when good ol’ Jud gets his ankle sliced by Gage.  Then the slash through his mouth happens and he drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes.  Oh but Gage isn’t done, because then he proceeds to munch on Herman Munster’s neck to finish the job.  Gotta hand it to little Gage – he’s definitely not a procrastinator.


*looks like Jud just watched 2 Girls And 1 Cup for the first time*


*just like butter*


*num num num num num*