Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Beach Attack’ From ‘Piranha II – The Spawning’ (1981)

You know you’re going to get a good scene when a bunch of people are shouting “We want fish!”  Welcome to this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday and welcome  to James Cameron’s directorial debut, Piranha II:  The Spawning.  Yes, that James Cameron.  Every good director needs to get their start with killer flying fish, especially killer flying fish that have visible wires attached to them.  Before there were SyFy Channel movies, there was Piranha II:  The Spawning.

Ok.  This is a terrible movie, but somewhat enjoyable on a ‘get super drunk and watch it’ kind of level.  And the beach attack scene that I’m spotlighting here takes the delicious cake.  And we all love delicious cake, right?