Is This ‘Poltergeist Maggot Infested Chicken Leg’ The Best Birthday Cake Ever?

Birthdays can be depressing.  Birthdays can be super depressing.  But most of all, birthdays can be delicious!  Especially if you have a birthday cake inspired by the infamous ‘maggot infested chicken leg’ scene from Poltergeist:


Yes.  That’s a cake.  Quite possibly the greatest birthday cake I’ve ever seen as well.  And as much as I despise maggots, I would eat them all without any hesitation.  Now who created this disgusting deliciousness?  Turns out it’s done by Debbie Does Cakes in Oakland, California.  Now, she doesn’t seem to specialize in horror-themed cakes necessarily……but as evident from that chicken leg up there, she can knock a horror-themed cake out the park.

By the way, my birthday is tomorrow for anyone looking for a last minute gift for me.  But anyway – if you’re in the market for cake with or without maggots, then go to Debbie’s website HERE for more info.  Now pardon me while drool over that pic some more……and then go into the bathroom and rip my face off.

And So It Begins…..The ‘Poltergeist’ Remake Trailer Is Here.

Sigh.  I’m actually not going to say much about this right now because I like Sam Rockwell.  Does it look like a competent horror movie?  Yes.  Does it look like an unnecessary almost bit-for-bit remake of the original?  Yes.  Kudos to the creepy clown though with the pull-away nose.  I think he’ll be the star of the movie.  Aside from having Poltergeist be yet another horror remake from my childhood, I’m more so just over the whole “paranormal” aspect.  It’s overdone, so we’ll see what this one has up it’s sleeve to stand out.  Stay tuned for more info and more rantings from me in the near future upon it’s release date.