Holy Nostalgia! Check Out These Vintage Posable Horror Action Figures

Thanks to FEARnet, I was tipped off to something pretty cool that fellow Ebay seller Popsfartberger is doing to get your horror and nostalgic saliva drooling. Wait. Popsfartberger?  Best Ebay username ever I believe.  But anyway, what has good ole’ Popsfartberger done here?  Well, he’s created his own line of unique, posable action figures based off of your favorite horror and action movie characters, that’s what!

Pretty amazing.  But the price isn’t so amazing, but I get why it’s steep.  These bad boys will set you back anywhere from $24.99-$49.99, so dig deep in those pockets and do your best to support what Popsfartberger has done here. Something tells me your favorite horror fan would appreciate finding one of these under the tree this year.  You can go to his Ebay store HERE and pick out your favorites.  Or continue reading and come inside to see my personal favs from the lot!    Continue reading