Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Paris Hilton Impaled By A Pole’ From ‘House Of Wax’

Had to take a little break last week due to vacation, but now I’m back with another very important installment of Sunday Bloody Sunday!  I don’t think I’m really in the minority hear when I say that 2005’s House Of Wax remake was actually one of the “better” horror remakes over the years.  Sure it was updated for the times, but it somewhat stayed true to the Vincent Price starring original, and gave us some pretty sweet death scenes in the process.

Today we talk about the death of one Miss Paris Hilton.  She was all the rage at the time when this movie came out, and I do give her credit for actually being able to pull off the part of Paige for the most part, without much annoyance. Her likeness was even used for the actual movie poster, which by horror standards, is a pretty impressive poster by the way.  We’re here to speak on her death scene though, in which she ends up taking a big pole to the head.  Insert your double entendre HERE.  It’s definitely a crowd pleaser, but not just because of who is being impaled by the big metal pole.  The practical effects are outstanding in this movie and in particular, this death scene right here.  So here’s to you Paris Hilton.  You sure did take that big pole like a champ!

*what do you mean I’m wearing shoes from Payless?!?*


*no lube….no problem*