Remember The Time There Was Disco Dancing In An 80’s Slasher Movie?

Few things say ‘horror’ more than disco dancing.  Yes, it can be terrifying.  Yes, body parts can be flying to and fro.  And sometimes it can even make me want to get up and boogie, which if you’ve seen me dance then you know that can be extremely unsettling and scary.  Just know that if it rains, it might be because I’m getting my groove on.  But anyway, disco dancing was as much a focal point of the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis led slasher Prom Night as was Lou’s decapitated head.  Oops – sorry.  That was a 36-year spoiler there.

The bottom line:  We might need more disco dancing in horror movies nowadays.  Clearly shit isn’t working too well lately, so why not throw some bell-bottoms in?  Let’s all get some inspiration for that and watch the disco inferno burn up below: