Dirty Horror Memory Lane: ‘Stretch Monster’ Toy (1978)

Even though I was only 2-years-old in 1978, I still think my parents dropped the ball when they didn’t get me a Stretch Monster toy.  What’s a Stretch Monster toy you ask?  Well he’s Stretch Armstrong’s arch-nemesis of course!  Duh.

Yes, in 1978 if you ever wanted to have a big green toy that you could stretch apart every which way, then you were in luck with Stretch Monster.

Man oh man.  How about that awesome synthy music in the commercial? Good news if you actually have one of these in their original condition:  it’s worth a lot of money and is VERY rare.  Bad news if you actually want to buy one now though.  Don’t be fooled by the knockoffs on eBay by the way.  And apparently, there were so many different moves that you could do with Stretch Monster!  Take a look at the picture below and you might even want to try the ‘Swamp Seize‘ or ‘Monster Bash‘ on your significant other this weekend. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stretch Armstrong tussled with Stretch Monster on purpose to get in on some of this action.


Dirty Horror Memory Lane: My Pet Monster (1986)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a total sucker for retro 80’s toys, especially when they have any type of horror theme associated with them.  Case in point: My Pet Monster!  Oh sure, he wasn’t that scary looking in my opinion (minus the fangs) and the mostly purple face wasn’t helping the cause.  He was still a monster though, and apparently had to be handcuffed because of his ill-tempered behavior.

According that commercial, My Pet Monster was indeed pretty scary when he wanted to be – but take off those handcuffs and he would help push you on a swing!  So overall, not a bad guy at all.  If you happen to still have one of these from 1986, you could be about $150 richer because that’s what they’re going for on Ebay.  Here’s some news I didn’t know regarding My Pet Monster:  It had it’s own short-lived cartoon that aired on ABC for one year.  And as a special treat, here’s one of the episodes below titled ‘The Masked Muncher’. I’ll let you giggle on your own about that title…..