Sunday Bloody Sunday: Opening Scene From ‘Re-Animator’ (1985)

There’s quite the void of exploding eyeball death scenes in horror movies nowadays.  It’s a sad state of affairs indeed.  The pure joy of watching eyeballs explode out of someone’s head for horror effect produces a permagrin on my face for sure.  So this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I jumped into my horror time machine all the way back to 1985.  And I stop off at the memorable opening scene from the undisputed cult classic, Re-Animator.

Poor Hans Gruber.  Not the German terrorist in Die Hard.  But that doctor whose eyes just exploded.  This is the scene that introduced me to a whole other world of horror cinema.  I remember that my Dad had recorded Re-Animator off HBO for me and I was blown away when I watched it the first time as an impressionable 10-year-old.  So many memorable moments and memorable breasts in this movie, but the opening scene where Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) resurrects Dr. Hans Gruber is a big highlight for me. Those glorious exploding eyeballs and great opening credits with that Psycho rip off music.  Soak it in ladies and gentlemen.