That Time That Gene Siskel Said ‘From Beyond’ Tickled Him……

Ah yes.  Thank the heavens for Youtube.  Because that’s where you can find old Siskel & Ebert clips from their show and see them reviewing old 80’s horror movies.  Up to bat in this post:  Stuart Gordon’s…….From Beyond!  Let’s hear what the boys had to say about it:

Where to begin with that.  Well, for starters – how about that kinky sex?!?!  Such prudes those two were.  How can you not appreciate Barbara Crampton in a leather dominatrix outfit??  But anyway, kudos to Gene for loving From Beyond!  He loved it so much that it “tickled” him too.  Sounds fun.  Roger was on the bubble with it – but at least he noted several times that he loved The Re-Animator.  It’s just called Re-Animator, Roger!  Geez.  I love watching these old reviews because it’s actually a huge piece of my childhood, and I can vividly remember watching this show just for the horror movie reviews.  Rest in peace to both of them – especially Gene.  Because he loved From Beyond, just not the kinky sex.

New Podcast: The Dirty Room

What do you get when you cross DirtyHorror.Com with the horror podcast Get Out The Room?  Don’t strain your brain too hard, it’s not that complicated. You get the new podcast dedicated to the cheesy/retro horror movies that we grew up on, The Dirty Room!  That’s right – we’ve joined forces and will be bringing you some insight and biased opinions on a different flick bi-weekly, and this week we start off strong with the classic Stuart Gordon horror/comedy, Re-Animator.

*when contacts backfire*

Listen to it, play along at home, and feel free to write us some hate mail if you want.  But where can you hear it you ask?  Well you can go HERE and click play.  Simple right?  And while you’re over there, please take the time to listen to the guys over at Get Out The Room as they continuously bring you one of the best horror podcasts around.  Since we’re in the middle of this whole social media explosion too, feel free to “like” them on their Facebook page HERE. Ok, now stop reading and get to listening to the Re-Animator podcast! 

*overreact much?*