Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Joey Lawrence Double Head-Shot’ From ‘Rest Stop: Dead Ahead’ (2006)

What better way to start off 2015 than with a clip of Blossom actor Joey Lawrence in a horror movie?  How about a clip of Joey Lawrence getting shot in the head not once, but twice?  I had you at shot in the head twice, didn’t I…..

Even though I’ve posted about this spectacular death scene a couple of years ago, I feel like it’s been sitting on the shelf long enough that I can take it down and play with it again on Sunday Bloody Sunday.  And this will be a big treat for all of my Rest Stop: Dead Ahead fans out there!  All four of you.  I won’t spoil much about this clip if you haven’t seen it, but please do yourself a favor and click below to get some instant fulfillment.  Just be warned – Joey Lawrence plays a cop in this movie.  That’s almost as believable as him getting shot in the head and surviving.  Enjoy!

Best Of The Worst Horror Death Scenes – Rest Stop: Dead Ahead (2006)

There have been many injustices in the movie industry, specifically with great acting roles being overlooked for the highly sought after Oscar award that is given out once a year in a ridiculously long ceremony.  And in 2006, one actor was severely stepped over and stepped on after delivering a daring, breathtaking, emotional role as Officer Michael Deacon in the straight to DVD masterpiece, Rest Stop: Dead Ahead.  Few have crafted the art of acting like the one time Blossom and Gimme A Break star did, and it shows no more than in this gut-wrenching scene where all hope appears to be lost as he lies beaten and defeated on the floor, about to be burned alive.  Join me in acknowledging true acting at it’s finest and feel the words and emotion of this scene penetrate your soul:

Let it sink in……give it another minute……ok……are we good?  Great.  Now of course the sarcasm was laid on thick above, but I have to say that this truly is one of the best of the worst horror death scenes ever!  I remember sitting up late one night watching this, and I almost had to physically stand up and applaud when Joey Lawrence died not once, but twice.  Could you just imagine what the reaction was when the script was passed around?  And could you imagine the hilarious bloopers and outtakes that might come with this amazing scene???  So let this be a lesson to you horror fiends out there – leave no straight to DVD flick unturned, and you may just come across horror cinematic gold like this!  And aren’t you proud of me for not including some kind of Blossom “Whoa” reference?  Unfortunately, I still had to include a pic……

*if you stare at my vest long enough, you’ll see a dinosaur in a space ship*