Review: Frankenstein’s Army (2013)

Raise your hand if you hate Nazis.  Raise your other hand if you hate mad scientist Nazis who try to develop an army of unstoppable monster creations to win World War II for the Germans.  Now keep your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.  Done?  Ok, good.  Welcome to Frankenstein’s Army.  A movie set during World War II that tells the story of a Russian battalion who track a radio signal to a location where they believe some of there fallen comrades may be.  But oops, it’s turns out it’s the lair of Viktor Frankenstein, and he’s been busy building monsters in his spare time for Adolf Hitler.  How sweet.    Continue reading

Anticipation Alert: Frankenstein’s Army (2013)

Do you like movies about World War II?  Do you like movies about Nazi super-soldiers stitched together by a mad scientist to help Hitler escape his inevitable defeat?  I know….I had you at Nazi super-soldiers, didn’t I?  Welcome to the world of Frankenstein’s Army.  A new movie about a group of Russian soldiers stumbling upon the hidden lab of the great Dr. Victor Frankenstein, played here by Karel Roden (love that guy btw).  And how did this movie make my Anticipation Alert post?  Because of the new red band trailer that you can see below.  Thank god that they threw some Dubstep into the trailer though.  I don’t think we’ve heard enough Dubstep in trailers or on the radio or on TV commercials lately.  Can you pick up on the sarcasm?  But crappy Dubstep aside (just mute it when you hear it come in), the trailer delivers!