Anticipation Alert: S-VHS (2013)

You know the feeling.  The anticipation is built up for what you’re hoping will be the cinematic event of the year.  You have snacks in hand.  You’re as comfortable as you’re going to be in your chosen seating arrangement.  And then the movie ends and you’re like “Is that it?”.  Welcome to my experience for last year’s horror anthology revival, V/H/S.  Don’t get me wrong now – I liked it and even gave it a favorable review.  But I definitely wasn’t blown away, and the hype was most certainly a little premature.  The wonderful thing about horror movies, and movies in general, is that you can right your wrongs with sequels. And that my friends is what appears to be happening with the upcoming sequel to V/H/S, titled S-VHS.

*brothers don’t shake hands – brothers gotta hug!*

S-VHS had it’s premiere at Sundance over the weekend, and the reviews are already trickling in.  Hence my main reason for writing this anticipation themed post.  They’re positive.  They’re getting my hopes up again.  But most importantly, they’re all saying that S-VHS improves on where V/H/S didn’t work for me.  Throw in the fact that the director (Gareth Evans) of one of my favorite movies last year, The Raid, handles a 40 minute segment in the sequel that all of the reviews are praising, and these bastards have managed once again to raise my anticipation meter to the top.  Am I setting myself up for disappointment again?  Should I slap myself back into reality?  Nah – I’ll go with it, take the ride, and whatever happens will be strictly on me.  No word on an exact release date yet for S-VHS, but judging from the early reviews, it may be sooner than later.  Here’s the teaser trailer for all of you teaser fanatics out there too: