5 Things I Learned From The New ‘Sinister 2’ Trailer

Who’s excited for Sinister 2 later this year?!?!  That was pathetic.  I said…..who’s excited for Sinister 2 later this year!!!!!!????  Still pathetic.  But anyway, yes Sinister 2 is coming whether you like it or not.  The sequel to the somewhat surprising 2012 hit starring Ethan Hawke is coming August 21st and the new trailer was unleashed the other week:

Now after digesting that, here are 5 things that I learned and observed from the Sinister 2 trailer:

1.  Shannon Sossamon is still acting.  Who knew.  Still have a crush btw. 

2.  Apparently, if you think you see something and you flash a flashlight at the spot enough times, something will definitely appear.

3.  Could this possibly be moonlighting as a Children Of The Corn sequel?

4.  Is Bagul the Michael Jackson of horror villains?  (c’mon, you can figure that one out)

5.  Somewhere in the world, Sherlock Holmes is laughing at Deputy So & So.