So, About This New Rob Zombie Horror Movie Announcement……


Ok, I’m in.  Even though I’m somewhat deathly afraid of creepy clowns, I can’t help but to get excited when it’s insinuated that a horror movie will revolve around them.  The speculation is running wild on this one though, because the poster is just so damn cryptic.  Rob Zombie did confirm that the title is 31, even though the letter ‘I’ on the poster is a bit confusing, so we can get that speculation about the title out of the way.

First thought that pops into my head is a Captain Spaulding prequel, based on the fact that the face paint on that clown up there is very similar to his.  But I don’t think that’s what we’re getting here. Second thought is that considering it’s called 31, it could be a Halloween-themed outing, but maybe not in the Michael Myers realm (this has somewhat been confirmed on some sites according to word from Mr. Zombie himself).


So let’s say that it is a Halloween-themed movie.  And let’s say that this creepy ass clown is our main villain.  And let’s also say that Rob ditches his art house cinema dreams that were prevalent in The Lords Of Salem, and goes back to his true old school horror ways that made House Of 1000 Corpses enjoyable. Well, if you add all of that up and carry the 1, then in my horror opinion we’ll have something that will make true horror hounds and Rob Zombie enthusiasts very happy.  Time will tell I suppose, but I for one am excited that Rob Zombie seems to be going back to his roots with 31.  Now if only he can kick that nasty habit of putting Sherri into all of his movies……

Rob Zombie’s Trailer For ‘The Lords Of Salem’ Has Been Unleashed!

For my loyal Dirty Horror readers out there, you know that I’ve already talked about my anticipation for Rob Zombie’s new voyage into horror, The Lords Of Salem.  If you’re not a loyal reader, then you can read that insightful feature here.  Well it has turned out to be a Happy Thursday for me indeed, because the trailer for this soon to be mind fuck of a movie has been released!  Check it out below and please make sure you haven’t done any hard drugs before watching:

Let’s all take that in for a minute, shall we?  The Lords Of Salem debuted recently at the TIFF and was applauded for it’s visual style and for the welcome detour from Mr. Zombie’s Halloween attempted flicks.    Continue reading