You Ain’t A Killer: Pamela Voorhees

This one has bothered me for a while now.  I remember the first time I saw Friday The 13th.  It wouldn’t be until it debuted on cable that I would get my first viewing, because I was only 4-years-old when it was released in theaters and that would have just been irresponsible of my parents to take me then.  So when the big reveal came about who the killer was, I think I paused for a minute…..and may have even thrown a “What the f*ck?” in there, which was wrong considering I was only about 7 or 8 when I saw it.  80’s movies were full of nudity and vulgarity, so I told my parents to deal with it.  But yeah, it didn’t take me long to come to the realization that:  You ain’t a killer Pamela Voorhees!    Continue reading