Give Me The Creeps: ‘Hanging Around’ From ‘Sinister’ (2012)

There’s nothing like an effective creepy beginning scene to a horror movie.  Especially a scene that makes you feel uneasy, like if you’re watching a snuff film that you shouldn’t be. Fun Fact:  I loved the 2012 movie Sinister.  The sequel that came out in 2015, not so much.  But the original kinda blew me away, and in the horror world it actually attempted to do something a little different.  That’s a rare feat nowadays, and one of the things that I loved about Sinister was the opening scene.  No set up.  No warning.

I still remember watching this scene in the theater.  I squirmed in my seat a little and may have squeezed the hand of the person next to me (who may have been a stranger). Luckily for Sinister, the rest of the movie followed suit with the creepiness (lawn mower scene, anyone?) and we even got a satisfying equally creepy ending too.  Too bad Sinister 2 sucked ass, but at least we have the original to fall back on if we ever need to see how it’s done right.  I’ll be attending Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood this weekend and they will have a partial maze built around the Sinister universe.  If they’re smart, they’ll somehow incorporate this ‘hanging family’ scene into it. Now – fuck you, Sinister for giving me the creeps!

5 Things I Learned From The New ‘Sinister 2’ Trailer

Who’s excited for Sinister 2 later this year?!?!  That was pathetic.  I said…..who’s excited for Sinister 2 later this year!!!!!!????  Still pathetic.  But anyway, yes Sinister 2 is coming whether you like it or not.  The sequel to the somewhat surprising 2012 hit starring Ethan Hawke is coming August 21st and the new trailer was unleashed the other week:

Now after digesting that, here are 5 things that I learned and observed from the Sinister 2 trailer:

1.  Shannon Sossamon is still acting.  Who knew.  Still have a crush btw. 

2.  Apparently, if you think you see something and you flash a flashlight at the spot enough times, something will definitely appear.

3.  Could this possibly be moonlighting as a Children Of The Corn sequel?

4.  Is Bagul the Michael Jackson of horror villains?  (c’mon, you can figure that one out)

5.  Somewhere in the world, Sherlock Holmes is laughing at Deputy So & So.