The Magic Of The Trailer For ‘Slugs’ (1988)

Many things hold a special place in my heart.  My parents.  My memories of my dog, Snickers.  And the movie Slugs.  Yes……Slugs.  A movie about killer man-eating slugs. Trust me, in 1988 it was a thing.  And what better way to capture the wonderment of this national treasure than to watch the original theatrical trailer for the movie.  Now, let the voiceover consume everything inside you while you watch and listen…….

They Ooze.  They Slime.  The Kill.  I love that tagline.  But anyway, the other reason I’m bringing up Slugs is that the Arrow Video release of the Blu-ray is about to go out of print!  So what does that mean?  Go buy a copy NOW, ya dummy.  Don’t let this go the route of Creepshow 2 (where you’re paying triple the price to get a copy).  You’ll thank me later.  And maybe the next time you do see a slug, you’ll be a little kinder to it as well.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Slug Salad Death’ From Slugs (1988)

I miss the days where horror movies could revolve around slow moving killer mollusks.  Welcome to 1988 and welcome to Slugs.  A light hearted movie about man-eating slugs that create a path of terror and carnage across the streets of a small town.  And this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I spotlight one of the best death scenes ever captured on film:  DEATH BY SALAD!

Yes, nothing better than sitting down for a nice meal with your co-workers and getting ready to enjoy a healthy, delicious, slug infested salad.  This poor bastard eats the leafy goodness, but also swallows some slugs in the process. Oops!  Needless to say, it doesn’t end well of course when you have man-eating slugs in your tummy.  Follow the pics like they did in the old days before you could find the scene on Youtube, and enjoy!  Bet you’ll be looking extra careful at that salad you order the next time, eh?



*Is this bottom shelf Scotch!?!*


*I won’t have what he’s having*