Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Guitar Drill Kill’ From ‘Slumber Party Massacre II’ (1987)

I have always said that my site needs more Rockabilly.  Today, I fulfill that random realization with a clip from a horror sequel that’s was so bad, so terrible, and so damn good.  And because of all that bad terribleness, it naturally deserves to be praised!

On this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m taking you back to the year of 1987 and to the wonderful world of Slumber Party Massacre II.  A sequel to 1984’s The Slumber Party Massacre, this follow-up made no fucking sense and involved a random Rockabilly killer with a guitar drill as a weapon.  Let’s not kid ourselves here, The Slumber Party Massacre wasn’t winning any Oscars, so accepting the sequel wasn’t that hard to swallow.  Tons of puns and some decent gore make it worthwhile, so let’s watch a guy get the guitar drill shoved through his chest below and honor the madness!