Did You Pick Up Your ‘Smiley’ DVD Yet?

What?  You didn’t?  Then run, don’t walk, over to Amazon and do it now!  And it’s only $9.99!  Slightly $9.98 more than it should be.  What a bummer that this movie didn’t get a proper release on Blu-ray by the way.  I’m sure that all of the shittiness would really pop off the screen to amazing, mind-altering results. Those involved with the film probably just want to make the fans really wait in anticipation for the Blu-ray release though, because that’s what happens with truly great movies.  If you go over to Amazon right now to order, you can look at all of the glowing reviews that Smiley is getting and hear what all of the newfound fans are saying about it!  Such as:

An amazing movie. Tones of suspence and favorite youtubers.

It could be better, but what movie couldn’t?

I watched it, and it was the worst horror film I’ve ever seen, if you watch it, it’s your funeral.

I had it ordered, then after I watched it, I immediately canceled the order.

How they roped Keith David in, I will never understand, he deserves better than this.

Wow.  The fans really are loving Smiley and some really need to learn how to spell too.  As previously mentioned in another Dirty Horror post, Smiley star Caitlin Gerard really has taken her fame to new heights after this movie and is now silently pushing the new McDonald’s Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger in a fun-filled commercial.  Go Caitlin!