Ho Ho Holy Sh*t! Santa’s Got A Flamethrower! New ‘Silent Night’ Trailer Is Up!

Do you hear what I hear?  If you hear a deranged person dressed up like Santa Claus revving up their flamethrower, then we’re hearing the same thing. Yes, Jolly St. Nick is back at it again in Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night, a “loose” remake of  the 80’s horror movie that parents and religious groups denounced, Silent Night Deadly Night.  And even though it’s not in the new title, judging from the trailer that just popped up, it will most definitely be a deadly night as well!  A lot of genre favorites are along for this sleigh ride including:  Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Halloween), Jamie King (Mother’s Day, My Bloody Valentine), Donal Logue (Blade), and Lisa Marie (Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood).  Check out the Christmas carnage below:

Definitely looks like a fun “straight-to-DVD” time.  Gimme some ridiculous performances, a few Christmas themed kills, maybe a boob or two, and it will have all of the makings of the original Silent Night Deadly Night.  Malcolm McDowell seems to be phoning it in, but I have to give it up to Jamie King for continuously throwing her hat into the horror ring.  Santa Claus will be coming to town on November 30th to a few of your local theaters, but mostly will be coming on December 4th to DVD and VOD everywhere, so pick it up for that perfect stocking stuffer!

*ok my son – for cutting off my fingers, you must do three Hail Marys and four Our Fathers*