Holiday Horror Gift Guide: Topps Fright Flicks Trading Cards

Oh how I loved the 80’s.  The horror business was booming and my life was consumed with every piece of memorabilia that I could get my little hands on. And this included some wax pack trading cards that were released in 1985 called Fright Flicks.  Based off of all of your favorite horror movies around that time and from the past as well, Topps released these to get on the horror bandwagon and piss parents off at the same time.  Each pack included 9 cards, 1 sticker, and one piece of terrible stick bubble gum.  A Nightmare On Elm Street, Pumpkinhead, and Day Of The Dead were just a few of the movies on display here in card form.

Well, the meaning of this post isn’t just to reminisce, but to give you gift ideas for that special horror fan in your life for the holidays!  The good news is that you can still get unopened packs of Fright Flicks and even full unopened boxes on Ebay for a reasonable price.  Now you have no excuse:  so go over to Ebay, type Topps Fright Flicks into the search bar, and buy buy buy!  I would steer clear from eating the gum though.  Something tells me 27 year old stick bubble gum with that suspect powder all over it doesn’t age well.