News: Now You Can Put Your Favorite Horror Icon In Your Mouth!

Eeeeesh.   I really tried to be as gentle as possible with that headline, but it still sounds wrong :-/  But anyway – according to the website, a Russian design firm called Stoyn decided to run with the craze that all the kids are talking about nowadays:  shaping ice pops. Turns out they’ve sculpted some into your favorite horror icons!  Representing the lick and suck campaign are:  Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Jason, The Predator, and last but not least – Pinhead.  And if horror isn’t your thing, you can even suck on revolutionary Che Guevera, if that’s your bag.  Word is that these aren’t available yet, but you could be seeing these at special events soon.  So if you’ve ever dreamt of sucking on Freddy Krueger’s head, your lucky day may be around the corner!  Check em out below and let the drooling begin: