Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Art Museum Slaughter’ From ‘Candyman’ (2021)

Oh my stars, it’s time for Sunday Bloody Sunday again! So let’s begin and say that I enjoyed the hell out of last year’s Candyman, even though I know some of you hated it. Yeah, you. I see you. But anyway, I think we can all agree (hopefully) that the art museum scene – where two characters justifiably meet their demise – was just a beautifully shot, and somewhat creepy scene. Need more convincing if you’re on the fence, check the link below!

Now, that’s some good carnage! I know it may be tame violence-wise in today’s horror world (The Sadness upped the ante on everything), but it’s some nice throat and ankle slashing nonetheless. The cinematography and style is one of the main things that draws me to this remake/reboot. Just a gorgeous horror film to admire from beginning to end. Ok, I’ll stop babbling now and buzz off.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Giant Female Asian Spider’ From Spookies (1986)

This week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I go back to a time when the USA network would show horror movies on Saturday mornings.  Yes, in addition to the awesome late nightness of Up All Night, you could catch a shitty horror flick while you ate your bowl of Sugar Smacks.  And one of those shitty, but enjoyable, viewings was the ridiculous, Spookies.  Yep, just as eye-rolling as the name was the plot, which centered around a creepy old mansion, a Ouija board, and some farting mud men.  But more notably, it involved one of the better ‘death by spider’ scenes ever, complete with a practical effect transformation of an asian woman into the killer arachnid.  And poor Rich (Peter Iasillo Jr.) was the recipient of her bitchy wrath.  Join me below in picture form as we applaud his sucked out head demise:

*hey lady…’s called a moisturizer*


*Oops, I crapped my pants!*


*heroin chic*