Sunday Bloody Sunday: Bed Spear & Machete To The Face From ‘A Bay Of Blood’ (1971)

A special treat for you this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday as I spotlight in pictorial form what some would call the most influential slasher film ever, Mario Bava’s 1971 classic, A Bay Of Blood aka Twitch Of The Death Nerve.  Not one, but two scenes were paid homage from this movie for Jason Voorhees’ 1981 coming out party, Friday The 13th Part 2, which you can see below after the pics from A Bay Of Blood.  The most obvious being the mid-stroke sexing couple getting a spear shoved through their sweaty bodies and the other is the more subtle, machete to the face.  So join me below and relive your youth and imagine flipping through the pages of your favorite horror magazine and seeing these pics for the first time and saying:  “Hey, I wanna see that movie where the handicapped guy with the machete in his face!”

*it’s not the size of the spear…..*

*you’re done already?!*


*thank god the thick, lustrous hair remained unharmed*

*sooo – do I qualify for two handicapped parking permits now?*

Sunday Bloody Sunday: Drill Scene From ‘City Of The Living Dead’

Remember back when there were no Youtube clips?  I know, it’s hard to do, but give a little effort and try.  Magazines such as Fangoria and the short-lived Gorezone, used to fill my gore cravings with sick pics of all of the upcoming horror movies.  And because you couldn’t see trailers online and because there really wasn’t even a thing called “online”, you had to plot your anticipation factor based off of things called pictures.  Which is why I’m going to pay homage to those simpler times every Sunday in a feature that I’m calling, Sunday Bloody Sunday!  First up – the drill scene from Lucio Fulci’s, City Of The Living Dead (aka The Gates Of Hell).  Worth the price of admission folks, so if these pics pique your interest, seek thy film out!

*relax, you’re in good hands….i’ve done three head drillings before*

*his “O” face*