Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Table Saw Kill’ From ‘Frontier(s)’ (2007)

Table saws can be fun!  Especially when you’re building something.  Otherwise, I guess they’re not really that fun and kind of pointless.  Now – in horror movies, it’s always nice when we can find new and interesting ways to watch a character meet their bloody demise.  And yep – you guessed it!  We’re talking about a ‘table saw kill’ this week on Monday Bloody Monday.

Raise your hand if you were a fan of the big French Horror boom of the 2000’s.  That’s a lot of hands!  Count me in on that, and one of the films that doesn’t quite get the love it should is Frontier(s).  Did it fall into the dreaded ‘torture porn’ category?  Perhaps.  But it also has one of the best death scenes in recent memory, and yes I will pay off the beginning paragraph of this post and say that it does involve a table saw.  By the way, one other side note before you watch the clip:  Do not EVER call a woman a dirty slut.