Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Tarantula Attack’ From ‘The Beyond’ (1981)

Is there a worse death more imaginable than having a herd of blood-thirsty tarantulas slowly…..and I mean VERY slowly…..tear you apart as you lay there paralyzed after falling off of a ladder?  Hardly not.  Unless of course we’re talking about being strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Taylor Swift until your eardrums explode and blood pours out of your head like a leaky faucet.

On that lovely note, welcome to this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday – where I’m spotlighting tarantulas.  More specifically, the incredibly slow moving tarantulas from Lucio Fulci’s classic Italian 1981 splatterfest, The Beyond.  Poor Martin falls from a ladder and is rendered immobile.  In come the fantastically awesome real (and fake) tarantulas to rip him to shreds.  Grab some popcorn and sit down for a while, because this unintentionally hilarious (but awesome) scene runs 4 minutes long.