Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Little Kid Sewer Death’ From ‘The Blob’ (1988)

Quick!  What’s the best sewer death scene in a horror movie?  Hate to disappoint all of you Friday The 13th Part 8 fans out there who are in love with Jason getting toxic waste shot in his face until he looked like a ridiculous Muppet version of himself.  The best sewer death scene ever goes to the demise of little Eddie Beckner in the fantastic 1988 remake, The Blob.  Showcasing that iconic scene on Sunday Bloody Sunday was a no-brainer, as it will always go down in my horror history books as one the best “Holy Sh*t!” moments ever.  So reminisce with me and pay respects to the untimely expiration of little Eddie Beckner.  Fun fact by the way:  little Eddie Beckner grew up a little later on in life and somehow was reincarnated to accidentally shoot and kill himself while doing a fun gun trick on a Beverly Hills 90210 episode.  He can’t catch a break.

*when I grow up I want to become a hideous, mangled, oozing mess…..*


*dreams really do come true!*