Let’s Have Another Staring Contest…….

Egads! It’s Paul from the stellar 1988 remake of The Blob! He’s looking right into the soul of your eyes, so try not to be too intimidated…..but that layer of The Blob over his peepers probably helps your chances! Oh great, sexy 1988 version of Shawnee Smith (and also Paul’s girlfriend in the movie) just walked by trying to distract you. Nice try, Shawnee! It’s gonna take a lot more than that……oh dear God – it’s Kevin Dillon’s mullet from the movie and it just distracted you! Curses! Paul wins. But also dies because The Blob just ate him.

Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Kevin Dillon In ‘The Blob’ (1988)

Easily one of my favorite horror remakes of all time is 1988’s, The Blob.  So many reasons for this statement:  Shawnee Smith, the sink drain kill scene, Shawnee Smith, the kid getting demolished by The Blob in the sewer, Shawnee Smith, the amazing retro vibe that the movie has, and of course – Shawnee Smith.  Yes, I had a small crush on her back in the days.  But one moment trumps all of these things.  One thing so spectacular….so breathtakingly special….so inspiring and monumental that words can’t do it any justice.  I’m talking about………


………Kevin Dillon’s hair!!!!  Oh yeah.  The mullet was still all the rage in 1988, but let’s be serious here – the mullet never loses it’s hypnotic luster.  I recently sat down with The Blob again and found myself getting lost in those dreamy locks, and it proved to be quite distracting.  How the hell am I supposed to watch Paul get swallowed up by The Blob when all I can think about is when Kevin Dillon’s hair will come back onscreen and grace us with it’s presence. It’s definitely a problem.  I manage though, and get through the whole movie but find myself having mullet withdrawals afterwards.  And it’s because of this, that Kevin Dillion is undoubtedly part of the ‘Great Moments In Horror Hair History‘ club!  Is there anything you’d like to add to this post, Shawnee Smith?


Thank you, Shawnee.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Car Scene’ From ‘The Blob’ (1988)

Have you been thinking about taking that special girl to that secluded, “romantic” spot in the woods to put the moves on her?  Well, you might think twice after watching this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday clip.

One of my favorite horror remakes of all time is 1988’s, The Blob.  It pretty much got everything right, capturing the cheesiness of the 1958 original and adding a Kevin Dillon mullet and his sweet motorbike moves in for good measure.  One of my favorite scenes is below, when a guy just wants to get a little car action from his date while parking in the woods:

Well, that was a bit date rapey, so I can’t condone that.  Good news is that he got what he deserved.  He did have a pretty sweet bar in the back of his trunk though.  But yes, this scene is just one of many in The Blob that gets a thumbs up from me.  Only solidifying why it’s one of the best horror remakes ever!  Right, Kevin Dillon and your mullet?