Scream Factory Does It Again: More Blu-Rays Announced!

In previous posts, I’ve given you the news that DVD/Blu-ray provider Scream Factory is bringing some forgotten, but heavily requested horror titles your way such as: TerrorVision, The Video Dead, and The Nest.  With no indication that they’ll be slowing down with the output, 6 more titles were just announced, and for most, it will be their first time on Blu-ray ever!  Here are the newbies to join the Scream Factory family:

The Fog (1980), The Burning (1981), The Howling (1981), Lifeforce (1985), Night Of The Comet (1984), Day Of The Dead (1985)

Aside from Day Of The Dead (which will have new special features attached), none of the other movies have seen the Blu-ray light of day.  Which equates to no double-dipping for the loyal horror fan like you!  I myself, can’t wait to pick up The Burning and The Howling.  Never did ever see Lifeforce and remember my Mom yelling at me to turn it off one Halloween night because there were abundant boobs on the screen.  Watch out for these Scream Factory titles in the near future and be sure to pick up some of the previously announced releases (TerrorVision, The Video Dead, The Nest, Prison, Death Valley) in the next few months!

*i don’t usually do this on the first date*