Reminiscing About The Trailer For ‘The Burning’ (1981)

Quick – who’s one of the most underrated horror villains of all time????  If your answer is the killer elevator from the 1983 Dutch movie, The Lift – I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong.  An ambitious choice, but still wrong.  The correct answer is Cropsy from 1981’s, The Burning!  And for some reason, I was daydreaming about this movie this morning and decided to look up the trailer:

A few things stick out when I watch that.  First being that I love Rick Wakeman’s wonderful 80’s synthy score.  It fits perfectly, as do those amazing garden shears that are Cropsy’s weapon of choice.  Spoiler Alert:  He uses those things to great extent when he butchers a bunch of kids on canoes.  The last thing that really stuck out about the trailer was the classic 80’s voiceover. Aside from sorely missing this aspect in trailers nowadays, I couldn’t help but think of a certain ‘fake’ trailer when I was listening to the guy saying “If you’re planning to go camping…..Don’t!“.

If you think you’ll see a better fake trailer than that one……you won’t!  Ehhh – that doesn’t have the same impact as saying “Don’t!“.  My apologies.